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Construction Management and Disaster Repairs

When life happens, we're there to build, rebuilt and Upgrade


Enviro-Cat provides construction management from design through build. We manage the challenges involved in pulling teams together to solve problems. Local building requirement can cause issues with permitting. We can find ways to help bring or build properties with upgraded standards. When life happens we have the experience to get your life back on track. 


Green Sustainable Builders And Construction

Our relationship with manufacturers, to build beautiful, healthy, energy-efficient, and high-performance homes. Also, we help our client to save money every day, month, and year with our world’s most advanced framing systems.

As custom and sustainable builders, assist in the design and fabrication of energy-efficient buildings and homes that can withstand the destructive hurricane winds.

Also, these homes and buildings are moisture-resistant to prevent leaks and other problems that are associated with conventional structures that are built through the use of cement blocks and wood.

We do our best to exceed the performance of today’s best and most expensive conventionally built homes by using steel, thermal, and insulated frames.


Here are the benefits below for using sustainable framing systems:

  • Laboratory Performance & Time-Tested

  • Huge Savings in Energy Bills, Insurance & Construction Costs

  • Strong & Durable Low Maintenance Structures

  • Reduced Labor, Materials & Waste on the Jobsite

  • Quick Delivery & Easy installation w/o Heavy Equipment

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