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LED and Solar Outdoor Lighting

Brightening Up the World Without Destroying It


Enviro-Cat crafts proven solutions. We use system sizing tools and work with our customers to ensure each lighting solution is customized properly for your project. We offer technology that can be used to up fit existing lighting, allowing for both working and non-working street lights to utilize solar power. This, in turn, creates smarter, more efficient solutions for commercial, industrial, federal or municipal applications. Our systems will meet and maintain the light level required by customers. Reach out to Enviro-Cat to discuss design and installation options for outdoor solar &/LED lighting today. Financing options are available.

• IES Compliant
• 10-year Municipal-grade Warranty
• UL rated
• Meets Buy American Standards

USGBC Leed Credits

• Light pollution reduction
• Innovation: Purchasing – lamps
• Optimize energy performance
• Renewable energy production


Leading the Charge for Better Solar Outdoor LED Lighting 


Whether you want to light up your property for protection, security, curb appeal or general visibility, you can rely on Enviro-Cat for an effective solution. With efficient solar outdoor LED lighting, you can bring customers to your location without putting stress on your bottom line. Enviro-Cat uses Solar Outdoor LED Lighting solutions to illuminate:

  • Local and collector streets

  • Pathways and local parks

  • Parking lots

  • Perimeters and Security


We’ve worked with builders, real estate developers, municipalities, federal government agencies, architects and other parties to create innovative and cost-effective solar-powered solutions. End your reliance on the big energy companies by calling Enviro-Cat today.

One of our most recent projects was for the Clay County School Board, providing solar-powered LED lighting for their property which doesn’t have access to electricity in their area (see picture) We’ve also done projects for neighborhoods, replacing their street lights with solar LED outdoor lighting that withstands power outages that happen as a result of major hurricanes.

Get Smarter. Get Connected

Our newest lighting solutions include built-in smart technology—not only providing satellite remote monitoring but also supporting with suitable setup and battery maintenance via Bluetooth® wireless technology. We partner with companies like Greeshine for smart city technology with energy control, security lights, parking lights, streetlights, pathway lights, park lights, and shine lighting that includes retrofitting older lighting solutions.

  • Remote set-up: We have a remote access helps you turn each light on, assisting with testing and commissioning via Bluetooth® wireless technology.

  • Energy control: The system optimizes power and automatically adjusts to ensure continuous operation no matter what the weather conditions are.


  • Pricing is in parity with the electrical grid

  • Federal Tax credits available, additional state and local may also apply

  • Enhance safety, prevent crime

  • Reduce roadway accidents

  • No engineer costs

  • No permitting

  • No digging or trenching

  • Commission and maintain the system with remote access

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Hurricane rated

  • Easy install

  • Basically, set it and forget it

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