You can now add the reliability of a Butler MR-24® Roof System to your conventional project.

Our new Butler MR-24® Conventional Roof System can be used for both new and re-roof projects by utilizing two self-drilling fasteners to attach to a structural B-deck. This new offering from Butler Manufacturing™ provides several benefits:

  • Can be used in tilt-up projects

  • A new MR-24® clip allows attachment directly to a B-deck using two self-drilling screws

  • The life of the roof is 2-3 times longer than the TPO and EPDM roof

  • Upgrade to the superior performance of an MR-24® Roof System on an otherwise all-conventional project

  • Energy-efficient R-value options up to R-35

Contact us today to learn more about how this great solution can work for both new and re-roof projects. 

At Enviro-Cat, we are proud to be your local Butler Builder® representing the world’s leading producer of roofing and retrofit-roofing solutions. We are your experienced local construction partner from conceptual design to final landscaping no matter what type of facility you are trying to build.

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